The Greatest Blessing

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When it comes to my walk of faith, non-denominational doesn’t begin to describe it. Though raised Episcopalian, my experience was broadened from birth by having a Jewish father and a Christian mother, by circumstances and by the Holy Spirit. I’d like to point out that Paul was this way, too. Though raised a devout Jew, who considered most people untouchable, he later developed a Heinz 57 approach to accepting and embracing people of all backgrounds. Like him, I can declare that everything I was in the flesh pales in stature and importance compared to the new creation that is now me.

I’m prone to dreams and visions. For one example, in my 20s, while living in NYC, I asked for an understanding of God’s agape love; His answer was a vision that lasted three days. Everywhere I went I saw people as if looking at them from another dimension; I saw their hearts and I heard their thoughts. Most were rushing, rushing, rushing, and the Lord said, ‘they are rushing to the end of their lives.” I felt the heart and soul of God, calling to them, wanting them to turn and listen. It was like a living holographic experience. I remember when it lifted. I woke up one morning and it was gone. I actually missed that thick Presence. He returns from time to time, though not often in such unusual strength. I was forever changed, able to love others in a new way. This has grown, so that now, I even like most people.  God has given me the gift of seeing in others something of what He saw when He made them.

I worked in investment banking, freelancing as a writer. My employer had offered to pay my way through an MBA program, so I applied and was accepted at a prominent university in Manhattan. But my priorities were changed. I felt a call to work with people. In retrospect, I understand now that I was also being called to re-prioritize simply everything.

After living in “the city”, I moved into the New England area, attending a pentecostal bible college and a seminary , did extensive volunteer work and established an outreach. Families and singles were getting assistance with physical needs like food and clothing,  toys, vocational assistance, counseling. With joy, I got to deliver a first bicycle to a child. In most cases, I connected volunteers with children to take them out for a movie and ice cream, while I worked with the parents. I have many memories, and many stories. There was supernatural grace and glory. (After all, it’s natural for God to be supernatural.) I became the pastoral lead for a large food kitchen and pantry in one city’s downtown. Eventually, I left the M.Div. program and got a different masters degree, segued into working for non-profit agencies and hospitals, in places like Soquel, California, St. Louis, Missouri , Houston, Texas. The way I have operated remains the same, drawing on the Lord to show me how to assist and serve others in specific ways. He always comes through. Always. Evangelism has been part of this skill set.

Living in reliance on the Holy Spirit is possible for anyone, and is one of the main themes of most of my writing. It’s very much like building a muscle: clarity comes with the practice of prayer and searching the scriptures. How and where you will be called to apply yourself will be different from other people, yet the principles of the Kingdom will be the same. There’s that theme of diversity again.

It is my hope that you, dear Reader, know that you are loved by the One who made you, and that, when you read my books you are inspired to follow the Almighty’s leading to discover and do much of what you were put on this earth to do, or to make a start somehow. That experience is the greatest blessing, from which flows everything else perfect and good for this life and eternity.

With Joy+,

Danyelle Wolfe Read

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”