Living Well

First, about the writing: my Amazon author page features what’s been published so far. There are also brief video trailers, blurbs and links accessible here from the menu above.

My life has been devoted to the passionate, scrupulous study of God’s Word, applying extensive language and research tools learned via seminary, bible school, university degrees, with help from assorted preaching, books and blogs. In this pursuit, as in life, I have been blessed with guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Having been raised by a reporter, I had stints as a columnist, an assignment reporter, as well as a special-interest scout for various newspapers and publications, beginning in the 1980s. Transitioning to fiction has been a move I was called to make. It has been quite a switch, yet fun once I learned how to get into stride with God’s full leading. What fun we have had, my Abba Father and I. Those writing hours are like an extension of being in a prayer closet. Possibly as you read these books, you’ll get a sense of the joy and inspiration underlying their creation that only the Father provides. To Him be the glory. Let’s hope my heart and my fingers get better and better at being His “ready-writer”.

Along with writing, I have had a career in the human services and medical field which is now entering its fourth decade (which amazes me). For 12 years I owned a few inventory-based businesses, widening profit margins through supply chain tweaks and eventually selling. I have shared my skills in finance and real estate with others. Though I attribute the bulk of this success to the kindness of God.

My books provide healthy entertainment, but also point to the way for anyone wanting to enjoy a life well-lived.

Danyelle Wolfe Read

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”
In Memory of T’Ahtani, loving friend and articulate muse 1999 – 2019