Hope’s Motel

Hope Cassel is a Christian and a single mom who has raised a daughter on limited means. When her uncle dies, she learns that he has left her a motel, a motel nobody knew he owned, mysteriously bearing her name. With her daughter now in college, Hope decides to try her hand at running the place. This is a tale of the guests who needed her Christian perspective, compassion and sometimes material support, and how Hope gets to realize her dream of blessing others as she is being blessed.

Facing modern issues with a clear understanding of the truth of her righteousness in Christ, Hope demonstrates how this understanding makes her more than able to meet every challenge in a messy world. As she shares her faith, she sees others catch the fire and begin to enjoy the resulting benefits of protection and provision, emotional healing, restoration of familial love. The themes and stories within the story play out like a song of joy. Hope’s Motel inspires the reader to trust in the process of trusting God in everyday life.

You can get your copy of Hope’s Motel in paperback or on Kindle by clicking this link to Amazon.

Also available as an audio book in USB format, read by the author. Click the link https://py.pl/XBgEr or scan the code

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