Hope’s Motel

Hope Cassel is a Christian and a single mom who has raised a daughter on limited means. When her uncle dies, she learns that he has left her a motel, a motel nobody knew he owned, mysteriously bearing her name. With her daughter now in college, Hope decides to try running the motel herself. Little could she have imagined in that first year how some of her guests would need her help, or that life could present her with a second chance at love. 

I wrote Hope’s Motel in the first person to enable the reader to enter her world, to feel her experiences, and to understand her faith more intently. My hope is also that by identifying with her, the reader will develop his or her own style of sharing their own faith in the goodness and finished work of Jesus, a style that is unforced and organic, at times bold, at times subtle, above all not domineering or bullying. As sure as He came as Messiah, one day our Lord will return as leader and king. One day He is to judge the living and the dead (all who have ever lived). For now, though, the Bible is clear that it is the goodness of God which lights the way to Him. Some have mistakenly assumed that Hope is me. This is not the case. Perhaps one day I will write an autobiographical novel.

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