The Art of Conversation In The 23rd Century

A dystopian future, a dysfunctional past, transformation, temptation, good meets evil meets redemption … The Lord of Time reveals Himself (Hint: It isn’t Dr. Who…)

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The year is 2213. As Deputy-in-Chief of the Intergalactic Library System, Franzes Silver intends to bring meaning back into a bleak universe by teaching the skills of conversation, a lost art in the tech-oriented future. She leads a live conversation seminar that becomes wildly successful throughout the three galaxies. One of her participants is a handsome stranger, Caspian Vrai, whose charm and warmth make him a great asset to the group, and soon to Franzes’ life. But when the Empire shuts her seminars down without explanation, Franzes is despondent. As she leans on her newfound faith and the power of prayer, Franzes, with the help of Caspian, embarks on a project to save a select group of Earth’s inhabitants, – all that it will require is…everything.