Maximum Swoop

In the spirit-realm as in the natural, there are laws by which energies operate. Gravity, velocity, thrust and lift will operate with reliable intensity given the same conditions. Faith, belief and unbelief, love, joy, peace, and speech are some of the principles which will work effectively when put to use, as well. The desired outcome is almost always some form of seeing the fruition of the will of God, a realization of the unseen becoming the seen, either individually or corporately.

One principle which covers several dynamics, including saturation and single-mindedness, is what I call the law of Maximum Swoop. Picture a pinwheel – why does the slightest breeze make it move? Its blades are shaped first to catch the greatest amount of wind per square centimeter, and second to channel it directionally for maximum power. Thirdly, the blades are made of the lightest material possible that will still hold a shape. The end result is an efficient toy to respond to a child’s breathe with ease.

There is a spiritual equivalent to this, if we liken ourselves to a pinwheel. The energy of the wind is like that of the Holy Spirit. Jesus even likened the Holy Spirit to the wind, a powerful force which cannot be seen, only felt by how it affects us. We have to keep our blades fully open to receive it, starting with making up your mind that the Bible is the definitive, trustworthy, accurate Word of the living God. Once we understand this, we would be foolish not to base our lives on it. From this strong foundation, we can use our heavenly prayer language, read the Word of God, and fellowship are ways to expand your ability to receive. To see maximum power of the flow, we must eliminate distractions. Our hearts stay tuned to the *KOG channel through the ears and eyes.

To increase our responsiveness, we have to stay featherlight in terms of the weight of our lives in the natural. Not that we cannot enjoy things, possessions, relationships, this is not about asceticism. We are meant to be abundant in all good and healthy material blessings. Rather, the weight of our possessions is determined by our focus. If we are first and foremost seeking the Kingdom of God, all those things are always being added. The burden is light. We need not fear lack or want. On the other hand, if we start to seek things for the sake of things, or relationships for the sake of relationships, it becomes a heavy toil.

The world doesn’t value maximum swoop. It thinks it’s strange that you don’t chase after goods and physical pleasures, making the pursuit of them a primary objective. Relationship, in the word’s eyes, is defined by sharing this pursuit. As you age, the world reasons that the pursuit is then directed toward creating a legacy for one’s children. When we become a new creature, our definition of pleasure changes! We find far more pleasure in lasting, eternal value like God’s will. Maximum swoop will maximize your harvest of joy, as well at the fruit of your life’s work. It doesn’t eliminate having fun, being responsible with money or enjoying earthly pleasure. In fact, it incorporates these in a healthy way, that brings no sorrows.

The world thinks it’s crazy to ignore or make of lesser importance earthly pleasures and treasures in favor of seeking to save the lost, of spiritual encounters, growth in God’s Word, and relationships based on things having lasting, eternal value. To me, it’s crazy not to. Who is really crazy here: The one who invests in eternity, or the one who squanders their time on temporal things?

*KOG=Kingdom of God

Author: Danyelle Wolfe Read

Danyelle Wolfe Read is a New York City emigre, with roots in Oklahoma and Texas, residing in the US sunbelt. A proponent of bi-vocational pastoring in the tradition of Paul and many others, she has been a ministry leader and speaker, and does not ascribe to a strict differentiation between persons in ministry versus the secular arena. She herself has worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of people from a faith-perspective. Danyelle's writing career began with songwriting as well as newspaper reporting. In her personal life, Danyelle enjoys the outdoors and rural areas, dark skies, trails and birding. A committed tither, she finds a way to plug into the church she attends.

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