A New (and very old) Form of Dialogue

By Danyelle Wolfe Read

Writing is part of my love language. So sometimes, my devotional includes writing a unique form of dialogue, a dialogue with God. He usually kicks it off with something profound, after which I respond, like an ant responding to an elephant. But He loves me, so He answers. God always answers.

It becomes a sort of dance as He speaks and I respond, then He responds and adds more for me to respond to. We pace one another. Often I am on Him like a puppy. Other times, I pause and cry or sing or sigh, as He massages my soul.

God always answers. Always. Even when I think the poetry of our conversing is complete, up from the deep of the silence between us wells His mighty, most holy response. It might be as I am sitting before Him, it might be in the car on my way somewhere a little later on.

God always has the first and the last word.

Author: DanyelleWolfeRead

I am an ex-New Yorker who hails from Oklahoma originally, now living and writing in the great state of Texas.

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