A New (and very old) Form of Dialogue

By Danyelle Wolfe Read

Writing is part of my love language. So sometimes, my devotional includes writing a unique form of dialogue, a dialogue with God. He usually kicks it off with something profound, after which I respond, like an ant responding to an elephant. But He loves me, so He answers. God always answers.

It becomes a sort of dance as He speaks and I respond, then He responds and adds more for me to respond to. We pace one another. Often I am on Him like a puppy. Other times, I pause and cry or sing or sigh, as He massages my soul.

God always answers. Always. Even when I think the poetry of our conversing is complete, up from the deep of the silence between us wells His mighty, most holy response. It might be as I am sitting before Him, it might be in the car on my way somewhere a little later on.

Now because there are those who might take this out of the context of everything I am about and many things I have posted and written, let me clarify please that what God says, He says always in alignment with His own Word, the Bible. The takeaway for you here might be that a mind saturated with the Word of God, and where the practical indwelling of the Holy Spirit is utilized, will give the soul the ability to hear from God, by inner voice, by dreams, visions, God still speaks, and….

God always has the first and the last word.

Author: DanyelleWolfeRead

Danyelle Wolfe Read is an ex-New Yorker, born in Oklahoma, currently living in Texas. Educated in schools primarily in the Northeast U.S., she has a masters in public policy and psychology and has worked as lead therapist as well as case manager in many settings, from her own office, to homes and hospitals. She has also successfully run her own businesses (in jewelry, financial analysis and investing). Danyelle's writing career began with songwriting. Her abilities as musician/lyricist has brought her into service in churches and as a founder of a Christian coffeehouse in Virginia Beach. An appreciator of the outdoors and former Trail Guide for the Audubon Society, she tries to stay close to rural areas, dark skies and good birding. Danyelle follows the principle that those who are planted in the house of the Lord flourish. A committed tither, she finds a way to plug into the church she attends as well as her community to serve others, which has been a source of exponential blessing.

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